Friday, 2 July 2010

Job done!

Has anyone watched The Big Bang Theory? It's very good, you should watch it. We watched six episodes last night - back-to-back, illegally via streaming internet video - and there's a scene in Series 3 wherein one of the characters, having been engaged in flagrante delicto with another one of the characters, utters the phrase "you really are a genius!" (implying that he has done something sexually impressive). Geniuses - genii? - can be very good in bed, therefore. I'm a genius, so I should know.

Not that intellectual ability had anything to do with what I did in bed last night. In fact, I'm not sure anything contributed to what I did besides luck. I'd certainly like to be able to do it again, anyway.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we hadn't had sex for a while. I mean, it's probaly not exactly a long time, compared to three years or so, but nevertheless, it had been at least a few days, plus we'd spent a large part of the day together and hardly touched each other by that point. She was also very sleepy. (Officially so was I, actually, but less so.) But when we started kissing, I noticed a spark, very briefly; something brisk in the air, a little taste of unfamiliarity. It was how she tasted the first time we kissed. Something new, something exciting.

I picked it up. I ran with it. This excitement was mine to play with, so I didn't let it out of my hands. I slipped down between her legs and I licked. Repeatedly. Her clit bulged out as an obvious button to press and I pressed it. Getting back into my stride, everything came rushing back to me. I knew just what to do and so I did it. With one finger in her cunt, and one stroking her "other" hole, I pushed my tongue forwards, so the flat was pressing, and surrounding, her clit. That set her orgasm off, and I felt it again - the twisting, shaking, thrusting and the sounds she made. All so familiar, and wonderful to have set off. But there was still something I hadn't quite done. So I moved on.

And so I waited for the signal and I moved, my cock sliding into her. That spark again. This time, with an air of "you've done something right". And I had. I still don't know quite what it was - the angle? The timing? I don't really want to know, in some ways. All I know is that if I could bottle it, I'd be running this town.

Whatever it was, it worked. I moved inside her, propping myself up with my hands so I could look down at her. And her face - her face showed it all. Eyes closed shut, opening periodically in a look of surprise and disbelief. Mouth fully open, breathing and moans both evident. Hair sprawled out behind her. And her whole face was glowing. Yes, glowing. Like some sort of acquired halo hovering around her. Clearly, she was enjoying it. The actions of her body suggested something of a continuous orgasm. Maybe I'd just managed to pick up where the last orgasm left off. It certainly felt that way.

After a while I reached my own peak, and after experiencing my own orgasm, everything slowed down a little... until we stopped. Cue the post-coital acquisition of cold water and afterglow snuggling. Except there wasn't any acquisition of drinks, no matter what kind We were both too spent to do anything. Especially her. I stroked her aftershocking body for a while until she just fell asleep where she was. Naked. Without the duvet drawn over her or anything.

I looked at her. Her face still had a slightly fading glow. Asleep, she looked content. Clearly, I had the knack of this sex thing, after all.

I glanced around for want of something to do. I didn't feel like sleeping, myself. Grabbing a copy of An Inspector Calls from the shelf, I started to read, and thus began the wait for her to wake up.

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ladypandorah said...

Ahh... how great sex leaves you feeling...hmm...the word 'squiffy' comes to mind.

Wonderfully written, ILB. I love your prose.

LP x