Thursday, 17 June 2010


Well, I've been a busy bee.

Er, that is to say... I'd have been a busy bee... if I were a bee. I'm not, last time I checked. I've been busy, in any case.

Just in case any of you were wondering, I'm still on holiday, and I've been playing the fun game of Make The Holiday Count. So far, it's been going well. Although I can't exactly say I've been winning on all counts. I've been to Birmingham and back, bought tickets to see Penn and Teller and ordered a Pokémon Mini, so money's an issue. But I care nothing for the cursed lifeblood of the bourgeoisie... until I run out, at which point I care again. But it's been fun, anyway - relationships, of course, helping.

Mini pointed out the other day that I attract the same type of girl - which is odd, because I didn't think I attract any type of girl. But Mini has a point - she is short, busty and a brunette. She's also worldly, wise and smiles a lot (at least, she does in my presence), but holds a very sensitive side, which I pick up on in conversation. We chatted, ate pizza, shared waffles and stared out of the window of the O2 Centre onto Finchley Road.

H, who is also a short, busty brunette, is in Scandinavia. No, I didn't know either. I think maybe I was involved in the planning of this trip (insofar as I may have said at one point, "Scandinavia. Yeah, that's a nice healthy place to visit..."), but I forgot about it until last week, when I was visiting H and she mentioned it. So I had to make good use of my time with her. Good use being snuggling on the sofa, eating soup and going to see some odd monologues at a theatre I didn't even know existed. Yeah, we're cool.

Visiting H, in turn, followed on (in the same 24-hour period, in fact) from TD, and her friend N, going to Italy. Yeah, that's right, I finally get some time off and she buggers off to Italy. It's OK, she's back now, but still... I missed her. She's a short, busty bru... you get the idea. So is N, now that I think about it. Except maybe not that short.

I've also visited 47, and another friend who I probably haven't mentioned yet. I'll call him Farm Boy. He's blonde, though, so that doesn't really count.

Anyway, that's where you find me now. I've exhausted my friend supply, pretty much. At the moment I'm spending my waking hours making love to TD and recording songs for my new album, a couple of which are about making love to TD. Could be worse ways to spend a holiday, I suppose.

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