Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pause / Break

I'm on holiday at the moment.

That's right, break out the shock and awe. I have an unofficial two weeks' break from either work or studies (on this course, they pretty much amount to the same thing). Frankly, I've worked really hard. And I earned it. I earned more than two weeks' break, but that's all I'm getting, really. So I have vowed to enjoy it.

I haven't been doing much so far.

My lovely girlfriend goes away for a while, starting Thursday. I see her and N off at the station on Thursday morning, and then I'm left alone. I'll visit H, I'll contact Mini, I'll go and see 47 for a bit, and I may go and see Our DJ for a day. I'm supposed to be doing stuff with my guitar-playing uncle, and I'm also vowed to attempt to engage in more creative endeavours for these weeks. You know, buying shoelaces and that sort of thing.

But this also leaves me with a lot of free time. Spare time. Whatever you want to call it. On my own.

Cue two weeks of eating large breakfasts, going for long and pointless walks, watching bad films deliberately, illicit night strolls in order to buy and consume Half-Baked, showers which take an hour and a half, and thinking. Lots and lots... and lots... of thinking.

As I said, I've earned it.

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