Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sex from nowhere

I'm not a fan of people doing things just because they can. I mean, not everything has to have a reason, sure, but to do something because you can do it is the physical equivalent of saying something dumb to see what effect it has. It's a waste of time and energy in many cases and, lazy bugger that I am, I'm prone to thinking that doing absolutely nothing is a better use of your time, because in that case at least you're resting.

The above statement is voided whan the thing that you're doing is sex.

Sex is better when part of love. I've always held that belief, although I also fully support the idea of comfort sex, sex with friends, sexperimentation, Edward Woodwood, and casual sex (as long as it's protected). However, when it comes to media designed to tittilate, such as soft porn, sex games in Flash or even erotica, the best sex scenes - I always find - are the ones in which sex happens because - well - because it does.

Example: Virgins of Sherwood Forest. One of those late-night films that you see on Bravo, or any time of the day if you happen to own the DVD. Ridiculous plot, lame acting. Opening scene shows a video for a rock star being filmed... or not, because they can't find the rock star. Where is he? Well, he's making love to the makeup girl. (It's a great scene, cinematographically speaking - the rock music works for his character, the flirtation beforehand and the sequence in which they disrobe is wonderfully shot. He lifts her onto a table and has sex with her standing up while she reclines. The music is in sequence with their movements and the way the girl curls her legs around his abdomen looks fantastic. But I digress.) Why's he making love to her? Because he can. They're clearly not in any sort of relationship and it's hinted that they've never talked before.

Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous. And it's very cheesy. But it's hot. It's hot because there's no reason for it to be happening, and yet we have two people having sex. Brilliant!

This is one of the reasons that cybersex works, especially when it's with a stranger. Not that I indiscriminately go into sex chat networks and have cybersex with random strangers. I know that swallow does; ask her. But I get the theory - IRC wasn't designed for virtual sexual encounters, yet two people who randomly meet under their usernames can sometimes - in some cases, instantaneously - go into incredibly long and detailed descriptions of sexual acts they are performing on each other. If you know each other, fine. But apropos of nothing? That shouldn't be happening. And yet it is.

Think of Jake, from the Booty Call games. He has sex with young ladies because he can, not because he needs to. And Paul, from the "Meet'n'Fuck" series of games you'll find on (try Sexy College Quiz, the grammar is hilarious). The best games are the ones where he happens to screw every girl he comes across (..."because I have a HUGE cock, and a strong knowledge of history"),
even though that's completely unrelated to the task at hand. And think of that scene in the first Emmanuelle, where Emmanuelle's husband, teased and tempted by Ariane (played by Jeanne Colletin), walks towards her, unzips, penetrates her and takes her there and then. No reason, no preamble. He just does it.

Sex is a very pleasurable thing, we know. It's the best feeling in the world, in many cases. And so it happens, but in real life it usually happens by arrangement - whether you're in a relationship with someone or you agree to meet up with the general consensus that you may have sex, or even if you just have sex with a friend. In the media, it can just happen. Because it can happen... so it does. Randomly. For fun.

And I think that's so dirty, it's marvellous.


confessionsofanymphet said...

I wouldn't actually know a great deal about sex with love ( meh, one day) ut I do know that the just-because-you-can ones are also tremendously fun.
And I like laughing at people's bad grammar during cyber sex too! It does completely kill it for me in the libido department though.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Well, cybersex is always better with someone who knows what they're doing - there's a fine art of walking the tightrope between not enough detail, and too much - and anyone smart enough to engage in cybersex to that degree should also be smart enough to check their damn grammar.

Doesn't always happen - or even often. So, yeah, you hit the nail right on the head there. Although, being a nymphet, you're probably well-versed in the department already...