Saturday, 8 May 2010

Innocent Smoothie

TD's legs are very smooth.

Like, totally smooth. I watched her shave them in the bath this morning, although that wasn't intentional; I'd just finished having my hair cut (by her mother - the haircut was brutal, by my own request; I now have one third of what was there before) and I decided to go and find her. I found a relaxed, watery TD shaving her legs. She'd complain that seeing this ritual happen takes away some of the feminine mystique. I'd claim that out of all the things girls do, there's enough that's mysterious as it is. So I watched her shave.

And now they are smooth. Not that they weren't anyway - they usually are. She's one of those fortunate girls. But, y'know, more so.

We've been out shopping - we bought lots of food, a dress for her graduation, some trousers for some roughing it she has planned (another of those things that girls do, buying more clothes for new occasions), and... er... a Sainsbury's magazine. This, of course, required walking into town, which we did. We had sex first, obviously. But the chill causes goosebumps to rise on the skin, and this house has no central heating, so upon getting back the chill hadn't exactly vanished.

Don't worry, I am going somewhere with this.

So we're now on her bed, and she's lying face down, propped up on her arms, reading Sainsbury's magazine. I'm sitting cross-legged, tapping away at her laptop's keyboard, when I glance down at her legs. Well, they look a bit cold, but that's because it is cold. But I don't have goosebumps any more (I acclimatise after a while, like some sort of heat chameleon), and she's used to the slight chill, so maybe they're all smooth again. But it's hard to tell just by looking, and I'm curious.

There's only one way to find out...

Quick hand movement, flip up the skirt, hand against skin...


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A tip of the hat to ye for the post title ;)