Sunday, 9 May 2010


Naughty ILB. Bad ILB. That is not the way to be.

ILB got himself all hot and bothered just before bedtime. He could have gone and got some hot choolate but he chose to read some erotica instead. Silly ILB.

He read some erotica and felt all flustered. He began to feel turned on and his cock started throbbing regularly, and it grew into an erection, and ILB looked at it and fidgeted. And still he read on, even though he knew he had work tomorrow and ought to go to bed and call his girlfriend, read her some story and try to sleep, he was worked up and turned on and throbbing. Poor ILB, what was he to do?

ILB was in a naughty mood. He was in a horny mood and he was craving it right then. He wanted the feeling of soft lips around his cock, he wanted the clasp of two feminine legs around his head, he wanted the warm, wet softness of the inside walls moulding their shape around his as he enters the girl. He wanted it all. The erotica did this to him. Poor, silly, naughty ILB.

Distracted ILB.

ILB needs some hot chocolate. ILB needs to cool down. ILB needs to stop thinking such bad thoughts. ILB should not be so lustful, it is wrong.

ILB has every reason to grin.


ladypandorah said...

Down, boy.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Heh, make me.

Mister M said...

Get a room you two!!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I do believe she already has one, to be honest.