Friday, 23 April 2010


Sitting in the pub last night (next week is psychic night, so they know we're going to come back), one of our number rustled up a couple of girls. He pulled them seemingly out of nowhere - he can do this, I've seen it before. Allegedly they know him from school or something. What was amazing about these girls is that it's not that warm and they were already decked out for summer. That is to say, one of them appeared to be mostly leg, while the other one had breasts which reached out to Wednesday. Not interesting so much as confusing.

So what did we do in the presence of these new addition to our group? That's right, Jenga. Bringing back memories of truth-or-dare Jenga (leading to kisses, not for me, although) and giant Jenga (leading to injuries, but that's the point, right?). Only this wasn't called "Jenga", it was a fake version, called "Tumble Down Tower." I thought that was extremely cute, myself. I don't think anyone else thought so. After one game of this and a hasty reassembling of the tower, one of the girls suggested we should play it again using only one finger. I was doing quite well, if I do say so myself.

And then Robinson suggested we should play it without using our hands at all.
"That's easy," I automatically said. "I'm skilled with my tongue."

I didn't recover well after that.

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