Tuesday, 27 April 2010


My dream last night involved seducing someone in a lift. Despite seeing about 42093487 films which involve this scenario, it's never happened in real life (in fact, I don't think it could happen; it's too improbable... feel free to prove me wrong, however). The person I was seducing (that's right, I was the seducer... another improbable situation) wasn't my girlfriend, however. I don't even know who she was. She was beautiful, black, and compliant. Not that we had sex - to my immense relief now that I'm awake. She gave me her number, though, and sent me on my merry way.

The rest of the dream was just as bizarre; I kept thinking of texting her to ask her on a date - TD called me yesterday to ask me on a date, possibly the roots of this, but probably not - but never actually got around to fishing my 'phone out of my pocket and actually doing the damn thing. Being a dream, it doesn't seem too weird when you think about it - random kiss in a lift, number obtained, never text... but then again, being me, you'd have thought I'd have the common courtesy to send a text? Well, clearly not dream-me.

Scary thing is, I saw this girl on the train this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post (: !

I love your blog very much and I am not just saying it because I have come across your blog randomly.

I enjoy reading each of your posts, it has become a sort of addiction for me. I love the way you write and what you write about.

I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool dream...how freaky that you saw her on the train though! I once dreamt I was married to a sleeping bag with Pete Wentz's face and I was cheating on it with an actor from Home and Away and I got home and it was at the door yelling 'YOU'VE BEEN WITH THAT BOY AGAIN, HAVEN'T YOU?'
Yeah. I'm insane.

Innocent Loverboy said...

我 moi: Thanks very much! Always good to have a fan. I have to admit I just read through your profile, and recognised the symbols, 一二三 and so on, as numbers. Evidently my two years of education in Japanese weren't totally wasted on me...

Confessions: Yes, you probably are insane. I mean, how could you have married him when there's a sleeping bag with Kevin Spacey's face just around the corner?

ladypandorah said...

I once had a dream where one of Mister's friends was at my workplace. Thing was that he was a sack of potatoes. I seem to remember waking up rather upset and teary because I was screaming out to him that he will get nowhere in life being a sack of potatoes, but of course he just sat there. Being a sack of potatoes.


LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

That's a little freaky. Everyone knows that being a gro-bag of tomatoes is the way forward.