Thursday, 8 April 2010

HNT - A good book

These are my hands. No, I don't like them much either.

Hand Another Hand

The book in my right hand is The Ingoldsby Legends, which - according to the title page - is by R. H. Barham, but appears to me to be a collection of folk tales best read aloud in a Scots brogue. There are stories in it like The Babes In The Wood, in poetry form. Very odd.

I'm not even sure I'm meant to have it. I rescued it from my mother, who was going to throw it away "because it's fallen to pieces; look at it." Well, yes, yes it had. But I can't bear to see books thrown away. So I took it, hid it, and this afternoon I raided my mother's stationery drawer. Scissors, glue, Sellotape. I set to with reckless abandon (the task, not the Blink182 song) and repaired the poor book, and now I have a readable copy. That is to say, there is a readable copy in my possession. I think it was my grandmother's; it probably still is. But I'll read it before asking around.

Because that's what you do with books, naturally.


ladypandorah said...

I think I've fallen in love with...your determination and adoration towards old books.


LP x

And ooh - get you and your HNT, ILB.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Well, I had to do it at some point - if there's a bandwagon to be jumped...

drowninginthenight said...

I also abhor books being thrown away. It causes me much trouble and financial strife as I am always moving and have to carry my ever growing library around with me. Good on you...