Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I feel like pampering someone tonight. Not just treating someone, pampering them. Someone female, obviously.

I'd like to make her feel spoiled. I'd use caresses, kisses, strokes, cuddles and licks. I'd sit on a stool in the bathroom, watching her soak in a bath full of steaming water and too many bubbles. While reading her a story. And feeding her Belgian chocolates. Naked. While Laura Marling, or someone else with pretty music plays softly in the background.

I'd dry her out myself, and she'd dry her own hair because I'm rubbish at that. But then I'd stroke it for her. I'd stroke her hands, her arms, her legs... I'd lead her to my bed and put her down, giving her my dressing gown because it's soft. Possibly turn the lights off. Heating maybe on, maybe off (hey, the weather's changeable at the moment). I'd curl my body around her and hold her, whispering into her ear.

I'd lick her, slowly. Every so slowly. I'd lick her until she orgasms, intensely. I'd add something, maybe some of that special gel Durex does that makes you orgasm. I'd wash my face, and get her a drink afterwards. Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top or something. Fetch her a wet wipe and clean between her legs, if she needs it. Then I'd hold her hand, or lean her on my chest, and feel her aftershocks.

And I'd stroke her until she falls asleep. And then I'd watch her sleep.

Yes, I am feeling incredibly affectionate this evening. And even though there isn't anyone here to lavish these affections on, the idea of pampering someone to the best of my abilities seems like a very good ambition to be having right now.

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