Friday, 12 March 2010

Commercial Breaks

I'm not too smitten with the idea of capitalism. I mean, I know - particularly in this Western society - we are living in a system which is based on trading money for goods and services. I don't know how we'd build a world without money, frankly. As a leftie, right-wing private-owned capitalism is my antithesis, though, and I'm more of a champion for state-owned institutions, like our wonderful NHS and pre-privatisation railways (ah, those were the days!).

Which brings me onto the subject of this blog.

I don't mind sex blog capitalism. I mean, when it yields entertaining results, that is. Entertaining for me, of course. I have to admit to being a slut in this aspect (among others, ahem); I'm currently reading Abby Lee's second book (more of the same, until she gets outed halfway through and then it suddenly gets interesting) and I think I'm overdosing on Secret Diary (blame LOVEFiLM, not me - well, blame me too, evidently). But those are high-profile sex bloggers.

So, back onto my favourite subject - me.

I - along with many others - appear to be on some sort of list. While there are some sex blogs which will place adverts on their sidebars (and if they want to do that it's their priority), I'm not one of those sex bloggers. This is, after all, a place for me to write about sex, love and all in between. It's not a money-making enterprise at all. The only vaguely money-related things I've done via ILB are:

- advertised my book, and sold it for £3 a throw, which is basically to cover photocopying costs
- reviewed products for Durex (and one TV show), which I'll gladly do because I get free stuff - and I flatter myself that my reviews are good quality, since I apply words liberally, so I'm pleased to do them
- put a link to Coffee, Cake and Kink in the right sidebar, while it was still open

That's it. It's not much, really.

I'll link to other blogs I like and occasionally sites I think are worth visiting, mostly in the text of blog posts, or via the blogroll if they're things I like to read regularly (and think that you should too, whoever you may be...). But my allegiance is not to be bought. I don't 'sell' links on my blog. I don't want extra money from affiliate links and discount-code schemes. And I certainly don't want pop-up windows appearing or any of that other stuff.

So please don't ask me, e-mail people.

I am not a capitalist running dog. Let's just keep this blog clean, healthy, advertising-free, and a good fun space for stories of dalliances, reviews of sexy stuff... and smut.

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