Friday, 5 February 2010

The younger you are, the more girls strip...

I noticed on Twitter yesterday that Nimue had set up a wonderfully pointless webcam via which one could watch her studying, which - naturally - I did; opened up the link in a fresh tab and, lo and behold, we have Nimue studying. Strangely compelling, in fact, much more so than Kjartan Poskitt's webcam, which - on closer inspection - isn't actually a webcam at all (if you have not opened the link, do not read the previous statement), although a clever trick nonetheless. Nimue, I salute you!

I relayed this story to my friends yesterday as we sat in pub number two of our two-pub-pub-crawl (yeah, we're so hardcore) after our third round of whist. Mane's girlfriend seemed more interested, however, in our young raver, who - in a massive deviation from his usual topic of conversation - was talking about sex. More accurately, girls, which he pronounced "gels" (geh-ulls). Many of which we've never heard of, of course, but it's still amusing to see him talk about how, once a girl has started talking to him on MSN, that's the clincher. Apparently. Clearly he has 1337 MSN flirting skillz. Or he was lying. Either way.

So, webcam discussion. I mentioned Nimue's voyeur-study-cam venture, and Mane's girlfriend took it upon herself to ask our young raver how many girls had stripped for him on webcam. Thus, the connection. I don't think this was a serious question, let's be perfectly honest. It's not the sort of thing you ask... well, anyone, unless you happen to be on a sex chatroom or with someone you're comfortable talking to. I mean, I'd ask young raver, but not if I'd only just met him. Maybe it was a burning question or something. Anyway, we were all definitely curious.

He actually counted in his head. He COUNTED.

"About thir'y," he eventually came out with.

And how many women had he slept with, in reality? Well, that he just couldn't remember.

What a guy.


Nimue said...

Wow, i never expected to inspire pub based conversations with my study cam!!! It was just a brief experiement for something that i intend to do in the future!
I have to admit though, being an exhibitionist, i have often stripped on cam - i wonder if i'm one of the young raver's thirty!!
Nimue xx

swallow said...

people often try and get me to strip for them using a webcam - or offer to do it themselves. never mind that i don't actually own a webcam, or a camera of any sort, for that matter!