Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Look at this bill!

Here is what I've been searching for, according to the search box on vgmusic.com when I double-click it.

I know that Kira Reed appears in soft porn. However, I've no idea why I'd be searching for her; I'm pretty sure I possess enough Kira Reed scenes in various forms should I need a person-specific fix. Not that I generally go person-specific when watching soft porn.

I also know Zorrita. That's the title of a soft porn film. I saw it about 42341809746 years ago on Bravo, or something along those lines.

I remember searching Wikipedia for Minnie Driver. Or maybe it was IMDb. Maybe both. I also remmeber searching for "comments" on Blogger's "add components" menu, hoping to fint a recent comments widget, like WordPress blogs have. Needless to say (as evidenced by my menus), I failed in my search.

But I didn't search for any of these things at all recently, and definitely not on the site that threw up this absurdist menu of choices.

Somebody's lying to me.

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