Sunday, 21 February 2010

Extra! Extra!

You have no excuse not to read Sex at Oxbridge. She's the new Belle du Jour, according to the font of all knowledge, Friday's Metro.

No, I don't know who Belle du Jour is, either. I know who Belle de Jour is, but I'm assuming that's someone completely different.

You know, because everyone who writes a sex blog is the new Belle de Jour, because she is the only person to have ever written about sex on the Internet. Sex at Oxbridge is a totally new phenomenon, and on account of that, the blog should be featured, not only in the Metro, but in many news articles which can be found by a simple search via Google. What's more, as the Metro is quick to point out, it's not even made clear which university she's at, and that's extremely similar to Belle, because while she was writing an anonymous sex blog, she didn't give us details of her personal life, either. How wonderfully unique that is!

This is all very confusing, because a few years ago Belle de Jour was the new Abby Lee. They are nothing alike, but then again, they both write about sex on the Internet. Except Abby hasn't had a TV series, so she's not relevant any more.

Fortunately for anyone who would like to read about sexual activity on the Internet, these three blogs are the sole resources for that, so as a good 'net citizen, I am reporting on this joyous fact for the rest of you.

Fortunately for the Oxbridge girl, her writing is sharp and readable (ironically, a bit like Belle's writing is...), so if you need a genuine reason to read her, that is it. It's an inspiration to all of us; maybe, in a few years' time, I'll start writing a blog about sex and someone will notice it and start calling me the new Sex at Oxbridge.

It's really something to aim for.


ladypandorah said...

ILB - You are quite, quite fabulous.

But then, you already knew that.

What beguiles me is that this girl featured in the Daily Telegraph.

(That she was also in the Daily Mail I shall skip over, having serious reservations as to whether that actually is in fact a NEWSpaper any more).

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

Thanks for the reassertion that I am fabulous, pretty Lady. If I were gay, of course, I'd have been born fabulous, but this is something only hard work can achieve.

I don't mind this girl at all, really. I quite like the way she writes (so far) - it's just that she's featured in... well, like you say, the Telegraph.

Makes you wonder how, and more importantly, why... when there are already hundreds of well-established sex bloggers already in existence, like... well... you!

swallow said...

i wonder if this is the girl i had cybersex with who managed to get onto irc from the university of cambridge computers...

it would be fun to find that out!

drowninginthenight said...

Ha ha I agree with your post loverboy. I also had LOTS to say about it.

My favourite quote came from the headline of The Sun: 'Universlutty Challenge.'

Erm, she doesn't like oral, hand jobs and anal sex. Can we all move on now...?

Innocent Loverboy said...

Not everyone likes oral, hand jobs or anal sex. But I agree, there's not much left on the vanilla side of things when you remove those...