Saturday, 27 February 2010

Abuse via Discrimination

Dear people who are in charge of the new posters relating to teenage relationship abuse,

Your campaign is sexist.

All the posters and all the quotes and slogans on your website suggest that teenage relationship abusers are boys who pick on their girlfriends. If you do not understand that girls can also abuse their boyfriends, then you are guilty of sexual discrimination via propaganda.

While I understand that teenage relationship abuse is an extremely important issue to highlight, and it is important to confront bullying of all kinds, you are effectively criminalising teenage boys by putting these posters up and yet not having any suggesting girls can perform verbal abuse as well.

Please rethink your campaign slogans, at least.

Love and kisses,
I. L. B.


ladypandorah said...

I've only seen the one TV spot, and yes, something stirred in my mind about what you raise here.

I'd be interested in finding out the statistic of teenage female abusers.

That is, if it exists.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

There's a TV one? Blimey.

ladypandorah said...

Yep -

LP x