Tuesday, 19 January 2010


There's nothing wrong with kink, just as there isn't anything wrong with adventure. But change isn't fun when it makes things complicated - for example, copying an entire James collection onto an external HD - simplicity, however, can rarely go too wrong.

She met me from work, the lovely drinking girl. I took her home. We sat on the sofa and watched TV, my arm around her. Glee. Very kitsch. Lots of fun. Simple pleasures.

I took her to bed. We cuddled; we kissed. I went down and licked her out. Nothing fancy, nothing adventurous. Just a good old-fashioned licking, all the way to orgasm. Simple.

Wiped my mouth, penetrated her and had sex. Just nice, clean sex. Steady, speeding up, fast, frantic, orgasm. Lay there holding each other. Still special. Still very, very simple.

Read her some story, lulled her to sleep. Managed to get to sleep myself.

All very, very simple.

And a very good evening for us both.


anna lynx said...

There is nothing nicer than aa good licking...lovely!!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I do love a good licking... giving one, that is, evidently.