Friday, 11 December 2009

The young raver who knew too much!

The young raver who possibly had swine flu is now fully recovered and ready to rejoin our little social clique of outcasts and general misfits. We no longer do the quiz, but we still go to drink... or, in my case, er... drink, but not the same stuff. He mentioned to us a girl, Natasha, who has gained notoriety within our world despite the fact that nobody's ever met her - or, as I believe, come across any evidence besides his word to suggest she exists - who lazily MSN'd him an invitation to Cardiff to 'stay over' for New Year's. Clearly there was something else on her mind...

...except not really because she told him that nothing was going to 'happen' should he go to Cardiff.

"Stuff's going to happen anyway," the young raver informed us. "I'm not spending £70 on a train to Cardiff for nothing to happen."
"It's an odd sort of booty call when she's specifying no sex," I commented. Robinson nodded sagely.

The young raver has had sex (with Natasha) in a park - in fact, that's where he lost his innocence (not that he was ever innocent before); however, any shred of youthful naiveté that he may have had retained was lost when, somewhat foolishly, he went outside to stick some burning leaves in his mouth, leaving his phone on the table unattended. I was alone at this point, as everyone else had gone to stock up on alcohol. So out came his received texts. Most of them were from girls, obviously, with names saved like "Ashley the best" and "Ciara xxx". But the most revealing came from someone called something like "Emilee" (it was a corruption on Emily, anyway) which started with:

French pants and nothing else... it's warm lol what r u wearing? x

Hmmm. I really shouldn't be lookng at the next one... oh, go on then.

You promiscuous man lol x

Okay, now that could have come as a reply from all sorts of texts. And then there was one more...

It's a mistake lol, but neva mind I'm doing it too lol x

Well... I don't exactly know what to think. Neither did Robinson when I gleefully passed him the young raver's phone upon his return to the table. But it's nice to know that at least one more person's having fun.

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