Wednesday, 16 December 2009

And you've had a bad day...

Got up very early this morning to go into college and have an exam which I promptly failed with style. Ah, crap. I mean, I don't have the final mark, but to pass this particular test you needed 100%. As most of the questions were physically impossible sans aid, and I was running out of time, I actually just guessed a few of the answers. So yeah, I failed.

Came home and tried to finish Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Wario's Castle is a bastard of a level. At one point, after a particularly stupid death, I punched myself on both thighs (I have this habit, when I play games and I'm in a bad mood, I hit myself in order to get better. It doesn't work). Sat back in my chair and went "aaaaaaah, fuck" for a while. I eventually finished the game. I had to use save states, so yes, I cheated. But after the exam this morning I couldn't handle another crushing defeat, and I've been playing games since I was about 5, so I thought I ought to be able to do this.

So yeah, not a good day so far.

I'm off in a bit to talk about sex for a few hours and then to meet my girlfriend. So here's me being uncharacteristically optimistic. Well, I mean, this day can't get any worse, can it?


Anonymous said...

I have a tendency to get very angry when playing computer games. I shout at the screen, pout a lot and then throw a tantrum when I can't do it.

All character building.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Shortly after my first girlfriend dumped me I spent a few weeks throwing massive tantrums when trying to play Super Mario Sunshine. The combination of the two had me crying in frustration, hitting myself hard in the legs to make me do it better and enduring Rebecca's merciless, cutting taunts about the new guy she was fucking.

Yeah, I had a great time back then.

ladypandorah said...

I swear to high heaven when the games flummox me.

Blue is not the word for the colour the air turns when I'm stuck on a certain level!