Friday, 20 November 2009

What with all the shenanigans and the goings-on, I forgot the right word.

A Colleague: "He's kind of... zoned out. He's just..."
ILB: "...Not there?"
A Colleague: "Right."
ILB: "Yeah."
A Colleague: "Although I sort of envy him. I'd like to do that, just go to another place."
ILB: "I thought you liked it here."
A Colleague: "No, I don't mean here! I mean just sort of... go somewhere else."
Another Colleague: "Leave this world, go to another world, even."
ILB: "That's a nice way of putting it."
A Colleague: "Yes, I want to do that."
ILB: "I've got a friend who does something that works for her to escape this world, and something that I've tried too... masturbation."
[A Colleague and Another Colleague stare.]
ILB: "Meditation! I mean, meditation!!"
[All laugh.]

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