Friday, 6 November 2009

How to look good naked

I mean, clearly she's naked. It's obvious. I know there are two windows between me and her, and that she's in the house on the other side of the road. But I'm sure she's naked. Either that or she's wearing a skin-coloured, skintight top with fake nipples, and so far I've only ever known one person to wear one of them, and that's BrĂ¼no. Yeah, she's naked. I can tell it by the way her boobs move.

And this begs the question, exactly what the fuck does she think she's doing? I don't even know if those are net curtains, it's probably just slightly dirty glass. And she's... dusting? She's cleaning her house? Naked? I'm all for freedom and liberation, and the human body's a wonderful thing, but... but... does she know what sort of people are over here? Here, in my workplace? Does she know the kind of people I work for? It's just not... well... appropriate!

And yet, there she goes, merrily flicking away with her dusting cloth, cool as you please, tits out for the world to see (or any curious ILBs that happen to be at the wrong window at the wrong time). This isn't even vaguely arousing. It's just... confusing. I mean, there are kids around here and yet she's...

...ah. She's gone.

Damn it. I was enjoying the confusion.

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