Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Giving the Cold Shoulder Warmth

...also known as: "On the Hard Shoulder". It's a sign of the times when thinking up the entry titles is more fun than writing the entry.

Last night, feeling rather too ill for much else, I was snuggling the lovely drinking girl quite intimately (read: warmly), and - having nothing else to do - I kissed her shoulder. This got more of a reaction than I was expecting, but it was an appreciated reaction. In fact, she thinks that shoulder kisses are the most intimate kiss that can happen. A strange thought, perhaps, but not one that's largely unfounded. Let's have a think about this:

Cheek: Well, anyone can kiss your cheek. I mean, you can do that to your friends, or your mother. It's pleasant, but not too special (except if it's your significant other who you're kissing, natch).

Lips: This is an odd one, considering you can peck someone on the lips or have a full-on snog. And the second of these things - wonderfully intimate as it can be - can happen randomly (although I guess so can sex, but you know what I mean...). TD says that you're more likely to get snogs from prostitutes than you are a shoulder kiss. I'm more inclined to say that drunk girls will give snogs, although I don't really have that much personal experience... anyway, it doesn't have to be intimate.

Stomach: I'm not allowed to kiss this bit. But it's closer to...

Downstairs: Very intimate. Of course it is. But I guess prostitutes will kiss you, or let you kiss, there too. Plus, although I hate to admit it, you're more likely to do this with someone you're simply having sex with than you would with a lover you happen to be snuggling from behind. Plus, do you count it as a kiss? I love oral sex, but does it count as a long kiss with style, or a form of sex? Argh, the debating hurts my brain!

Back: Well, I like to kiss the back, actually. I'm not sure whether this is more intimate than the shoulder to kiss. It's unlikely that you're going to spend a long amount of time kissing anyone's back if they're not your lover, hence why I think it's intimate. Strangely, despite the amount of nerve endings there, you don't feel back kisses as much as you would in other areas (unless, like me, you are hypersensitive), so although it's a more 'lover' thing to do, it may not work for you (hint: experiment, damn it!) - but it's a contender.

Ears: An erogenous zone. And licking behind the ears is also very intimate. Something you can spend a lot of time on, as well. Another candidate.

Feet: Not something I've ever really gotten into, but then again, I did put a picture of my own up at one point.

Shoulder: So, is it? Well, it's certainly not something that would occur to you to kiss (unless you are 'aware') if you're just having random sex. But it's an
erogenous zone, like the ear; it's a lover's advantage (especally during spooning), like the back, it's exciting, like the lady garden - and it's pleasant, like the cheek. It's also clearly not something that's designed to be kissed, which makes it unexpected. And that's naughty. Yep, all the boxes ticked there. We have a winner!

Or do we? Does anyone have anything else they like to kiss? The possibilities are... well, not endless, but there are a lot of them...


Scarlet said...

That curve that joins shoulder to neck, always gets a reaction!

Innocent Loverboy said...

True. Hmmm, I hadn't even considered neck. That's a good place to kiss too.

ladypandorah said...

Inside of the wrist. Sends shivers down me - even if I'm the one kissing his.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Hah. The wrist works for TD too. In fact, I found that one out completely by accident.