Thursday, 12 November 2009

Adequate product placement

So, I was at this... court today. Nothng to do with me, of course (I haven't been "court" yet... ho, ho!) - I was just a casual observer. At some points a bored observer, at others a sleeping observer. When the court was in session it was actually more interesting. Anyway, so my mind wandered at points, and you know what happens when my mind wanders. No, I thought, definitely not. You don't want to be getting hard in the middle of a legal trial. That makes you even more confusing than before. So I tried to stop thinking about making the lurve, and concentrate on something else. Clearly, I needed help.

Suddenly, the door burst open.

"Hi there, BARRY SCOTT HERE! Do you have problems with FEMALES, LUST, or MIND IN DIRT? They're a challenge for some bloggers, but not for CILLIT I-L-BANG!"

The results were apparent immediately.

"Simply get out your phone, and engage in flirty texts. Look what it does to your willy! Good as new!"

That didn't make any sense. Surely sending flirty texts for a while would have enhanced my turned-on-status, but it worked. I think that I was concentrating more on the grin slowly unfurling on my face, and the act of texting, than thinking about sexytimes. (Don't worry, I'm better now. I can easily equate the two.)

I am a convert.

"CILLIT I-L-BANG cleans up your MIND!"

Bang! And the flirt is on...

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