Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm going to ink!

I was sitting in a lecture this morning, between two of my friends in the class - one, a married man of 25 with a dental hygienist for a wife, and the other our bit of token crumpet, lots of boobage and curves with appropriate tight top to emphasise the point. Still, while modest she may not be, she's a lovely person.

So why she appeared to be fellating her pen I'm not entirely sure I want to know.

I mean, perhaps she wasn't willingly giving her pen a blowjob. I'm sure that my fellow violinist in my first university wasn't wanking off her bow, either - but that's what it looked like. Well, in this case, my colleague was actually making the noises - a distinctive sucking noise which, coupled with the up-and-down movement her arm was making, was completely indistinguishable from anything else. She was sucking off her pen.

Mind you, maybe that's what she does. I mean, I brush my pens against my lips as if applying lipstick. It's more interesting than our lectures, in any case.

Durex party later. Yay!


ladypandorah said...

Woo! Enjoy the party.

LP x

swallow said...


that sounds like the sort of thing i'd do - although, if i felt the need to practice, i'd find something a little thicker than a standard pen... maybe a flipchart marker?