Friday, 25 September 2009


I was sitting on a late train from the middle of London back to the outskirts, towards the shanty town area in which I live. TD was sitting opposite me, ploughing her way through one of the slew of texts she's been having to read for the postgraduate course she is about to hurl herself into with a will of steel.

She looked very nice indeed. Earrings, coat, dress, shoes - the whole caboodle. My thoughts strayed - this classy lady sitting opposite me was the same lady who I sat in bed and snuggled with, read children's stories to, made laugh with fart jokes and had sex with? It was kind of a "wow" moment - hey, usually the idea of being inside her makes my heart speed up - but this was almost the binary opposite of the naked girl I sleep with. A thoroughly clothed lady.

I attempted to relay this to her later on, while we were in bed. A little tipsy through tiredness, I managed to get the message across, but perhaps not in the most eloquent of ways.

"I looked at you on the train earlier," I stumbled, "and I thought, you look really pretty, and then I thought, I put my penis inside her."

The laughter was elongated and riotous.

Nice to know I can make her laugh... especially when, after all, I don't even try!

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