Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Take a look...

"Who's that?"
I squinted at the slightly faded picture. 256-colour inkjet pictures of celebrities, resized to fit the page. I knew Rowan Atkinson, I knew Bruce Forsyth. Robinson had pointed out Vin Diesel. There was even a picture of a man blowing an Alpine horn (apparently, it was Jamie Redknapp. No, I wouldn't recognise him either.) - although we hadn't a clue, so we calld our team "That Guy With The Horn". But this one picture was bugging me. I just couldn't place the face.
"Have you got any ideas?" pushed Robinson.
I racked my brains.
"That sort of looks like Maggie Gyllenhall... only... with blonde hair."
"Well, it's not her." Robinson frowned. "She looks familiar."
"Where have I seen her before?" I jabbed my finger down onto her picture. "I know this is only worth one point, but we want to win this week!"

There were only two of us taking the quiz, incidentally. But two heads are better than one, especially if two heads spend all their time watching BBC News 24. OK, so neither of us do that. But, you know, hypothetically, right?

Suddenly, the realisation hit me. I knew exactly where I'd seen that face before.
"Hey, I know. That's someone I saw in porn!"
"I'm pretty sure," I said. But I didn't put it down. "Porn Actress #24601" doesn't go down too well on a quiz sheet, especially with a team name like ours.

I wasn't right. And we didn't win.


Here endeth the lesson?

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