Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Sound of Silence

Sometimes, a quote isn't really needed at all. In fact, the mention of sex isn't needed for the initiation of sex - as I found out last night. See, we had sex last night, but I didn't say anything. In fact, apart from those you'd expect, very few noises were made at all.

We were a sleepy couple, lying there in bed. But I wanted it. And I think she did, as well. In fact, I spent quite a lot of time trying to persuade her that she wanted it - all without a word. Kissing her breasts, feeling her nipples, running hands smoothly down her chest, over her svelte waist, her stomach, down to feel her derrière and, what's more, her inviting pussy lips... over which I slid a hand and into which I slipped a small finger. Just a small one. She's a small person, after all.

Without making any sounds, I moved down the bed and, as I am accustomed to doing, I started to lick her - softly, slowly - before building up speed. Her orgasm was fast and furious, but quiet and low. She lay on her back breathing heavily, but not saying anything. I took a tissue I'd put on a chair nearby off the chair. I wiped my face and my hands, and then took the cover off, revealing her body to me, her legs still akimbo. Hard, I lay down between them and penetrated her, adjusting myself to feel comfortable and feeling her inside walls mould around my shape.

I started moving, but not very fast. In fact, I took it as slowly as I could. Slow, tender sex seemed to fit the silent mood. There were sounds, but they were mostly of heavy breathing and the rustle of her hair against my ear. I even put my hand between the bedhead and the wall, so as to stop the sounds of a soft thud of bed and floor. We just kept going - rhythmic, deep thrusts, not fast or needy, just giving and taking pleasure. For a very long time, indeed. I wasn't timing, but then again, who needs to keep time?

At last, a few words made their way out.

"I love it when we make love," she whispered.

I agreed. By 'agreed', I mean 'kept going'. We'd started, after all, and we were going to finish. And finish we did, a little later.

Quietly, mind you.

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