Sunday, 20 September 2009

So it's come to this

Thus begins another review of Durex products, this time being the lovely "2-in-1 massage melts" that are, without a doubt, one of the oddest concepts I've ever held in my curious hands (although I didn't hold them for that long, to be honest...).

The Process...

Well, I had a few things I was keen to try with these beasts, and we had two of them pre-frozen, so we could just do more and more! The first thing was, of course, the use for which it's probably intended - a classic and simple massage, one of them being run along my back, followed by her skilled hands rubbing me up the right way...

Once that was over, it was my turn to play with her, and I grabbed the other cube, pressing it against her nipples in turn, which made her shiver, and then running it down her, from her chest through her cleavage and down to her stomach, following with my tongue...

Finally, I pressed it briefly against her clit, and then cheekily (as the booklet suggests) actually slid it inside her, waiting for a few seconds before entering her myself and proceeding to have full sex while this was... well, doing whatever it was doing, I suppose.

Innocent Loverboy says...

Loath as I am to make this point right at the start of the review, I have to point out that these things are cold. Okay, they've been in the freezer for hours before you use them, so that's not exactly a massive surprise, but I'm not sure what exactly I was supposed to be expecting. When the cube first touched my back, I squealed, and could hardly keep still. I don't have much of a tolerance for cold, and I'm as ticklish as hell, so the first few seconds weren't comfortable... but they were titillating, I'll admit.
What I did like about the pre-massage test happened after about thirty seconds, when the cube itself lived up to its name and melted. It was still cold, but by this time I was used to it (or numb) and the pleasant sliding sensation of solid rapidly transforming into liquid under her warm hands worked. I don't know why, but it actually worked.
I do, however, have to additionally point out that, smooth as it might be, as a massage aid it wasn't as soft as it could have been - as TD says below, I'd have preferred to use the massage mousse again - and what's more, I will!

After the first cube was used up, TD was left with a curious, and slightly disturbing, white goop in her hand - it looked like congealed spunk. Not a pleasant sight, and we weren't sure what it was. It didn't melt much, so it may not have been unmelted lube - then again, it may. It was, however, unusual. So we started another cube.

Sliding it over her body was more pleasurable. I'd long wanted to press one against her nipples, and that got a very good reaction from her. I kissed them after the cube had been removed too, and I can confirm from this that they actually taste very pleasant. Not a taste I can place, exactly, but they don't have much of an aroma like the mousse did, so a nice sensation in the mouth left over was a welcome addition. Putting it in the same place for a while isn't advisable, so I drew patterns on her chest and stomach, and she certainly seemed to appreciate this. It also brought about a certain naughty vengeance, giving her the cold sensations after she'd given them to me!
I admit, however, I shouldn't have held the cube against her clit for more than half a second. I mean, I wouldn't have enjoyed that, but I took a while to gauge her reaction before I actually realised it wasn't much fun any more. Next time, I'll try a very brief stroke, and we'll see, shall we?

The final act, pushing it inside her, wasn't something I was originally planning to do, but it turned out to be a pretty good idea, all things considered. By this time I was hard enough to slip into her easily, and the extra lubrication certainly helped as I started making love to her. I couldn't exactly feel the cube melting inside her, but I did feel the resultant liquid seeping down over my penis during sex (as well as, of course, her girlcum and, eventually, my own). Unsurprisingly, that really heightened the sensation. Nice one, Durex!

I'd like to experiment more with these things - perhaps combining them with the Heat lube would work? And, of course, their universalisability allows for lots of different opportunities. I guess it's all up to the users' imaginations to really test these things out...

The Drinker says...

I loved tracing this over the Boy's back - pleasant reaction, nice smooth strokes. However, if I were giving him a massage I would use a 'proper' massage oil (or the Durex massage mousse we tried last time) rather than this, as after the initial excitement of the ice cube melts, you're left with quite a sticky lube.

I like the hot/cold surprise, not knowing what he was going to do (when it was my turn), but I wouldn't personally recommend putting one of these ice cube thingies on your clit. That wasn't that fun (although to be fair, the leaflet does say don't keep them in one place too long, so maybe that was the Boy's fault...). But when he slipped it into my pussy I felt a wonderful shiver all through me. It was a completely new feeling, and one I'd like to repeat. As he says uptop, they are odd, but they are pretty damn good. Particularly enjoyed a hard-and-fast fuck with the lube slowly melting onto us both. A great feeling. The cube itself lasts quite well, with plenty of icy ripples running through me at each thrust. The only down side I would say is that I couldn't feel him actually coming, but otherwise I wasn't numbed - rather the opposite; my orgasm was an elongated series of waves with a whole new sensation of the cold versus our usual heat. (And it didn't stain the sheets, which has to be an advantage when you live with your parents.)

In conclusion...

It was a lot of fun trying these beasts out, and now we know what's good and what's not, next time it can just be a sexy time without having to stop at some points to try things out (and find they don't work in some areas). My (ILB's) advice would be to find out what works for you in a less passionate state instead of immediately breaking these out for a special occasion. You get 6 in a pack, so there's certainly enough for that!

Durex's range of sex aids has vastly improved - although we did use their different condoms at the start of the relationship, we're not using them now the Drinker is on the pill and we're both clean (stay safe kids!). There's something for everyone, and we hope to start playing around with combinations now the rigorous scientific lab trials are over.

In short, yes please!


ladypandorah said...

Interesting review - helpful too as I've eyed these Melts in the shops and wondered if they'd be any fun.

Couple of questions if I may:

How long do they last before they melt completely?


How does it compare to the 'spreadability' of some (good) massage oils, such as from the Body Shop?

I love the dual reviewing you have here, by the way!

LadyP x

The Drinker said...

They last quite a long time - they do melt fast, but they give a lot of liquid for the size. I think that the watery edge melts faster first, then you get down to the actual massage oil/lube in the middle, which is long lasting.

Whilst the cube is melting there is a lot of lube/oil/whatever, which spreads well; the motion of the cube across the body is very slick and smooth. However once you finish melting it the lube/oil/whatever becomes sticky very quickly. It didn't last very long as a massage aid once you've done the cold tracing thing. Don't get me wrong, the coldness and slick body-tracing is lovely!

Further note - I am calling it lube/oil/whatever as I don't really know what it is supposed to be. As I said in the review, if you're going for a proper massage (in and of itself) use an oil (the Body Shop ones are lovely aren't they?), but it works very well as part of foreplay and in intimate areas.