Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sex, sewing and study

I don't have a quote for today, but - as we all know by now - this is the final day of NaBloPoMo for me so, fuck it. I'm going to fill you all in with an ILB Special Relationship Status Report.

My girlfriend is about to start an MA leading on to a PhD - there are posts about some of the books she's been reading here and here - and it's in London. I, also, coincidentally, am in London. Now, for a PhD in a literary subject you really do need the best books, and they some from the best libraries, and she has the Bodleian in Oxford, inhabiting - from the sounds of things - mostly the Radcliffe Camera. Here, she will have the British Library in Ling's Cross, not to mention the, frankly, massive libraries of the University of London and its 19 different colleges. I may be making wild assumptions here, but I think that living in Oxford and studying in London is A Good Idea™ if you're in need of books.

Or like hyperlinks.

Anyway, studying at London is what all the cool kids are doing these days. TD's best friend, the mysterious N, is doing the same. In fact, even my oldest and dearest, Robinson (who has just turned 25, good Lord!), is studying again this year - although it's not actually at the UoL, it's still study. Looks like mature students, suddenly, are where it's at. And all this time, I thought that was second violins. Shows how much I know.

I need to clarify, now, that TD isn't actually living with me. I still live with my parents, for one thing. I mean, she'll be staying with me, sure, but for the first term she'll be in London for three days a week; ergo, she'll have time to return to Oxford during the four consecutive days in which she isn't doing anything wants to study at home. But I've carried a spare chest of drawers upstairs, and we had a complete overhaul of my room recently too, so that instead of ILB's-room-with-extra-bag-of-clothes, I'd prefer to think of it, now, as ILB's-room-with-TD's-things-in-it instead. She stayed with me back when she was working for Scarlet, so why not now as well?

I think this is Another Good Thing
. I mean, I adore having her around - because I adore her. There will be a lot of studying, because that has to be done - no matter how boring it actually is - but there will also be the capacity to go out, have meals, snuggle, watch movies, read stories and have mind-blowing sex, because there has to be some social time, right?

Needless to say, there's a new deal going on around here, even though I haven't a clue what that is. I've also no idea what's going to be happening in a year's time. I don't think I want to know, anyway. All I know for now is, I have a girlfriend who is about to start being a postgraduate in London, and I live in London, and I'm very, very excited.

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