Sunday, 27 September 2009

Oh, yeah?

I once wrote a post in which every line ended with the word "yeah?". Like most posts in this blog, it was mostly satirical, insofar as I don't actually think people actually talk like that.

At least, I didn't until I was taking a little walk around the corridors at work today and I heard the line "it's sexual, yeah?" from behind me. Taking a sneaky glance, I saw two very casual-looking workers strolling along behind me. They were smiling. This usually means trouble.

"He hit 'er on the back of the 'ead when she was about to come, yeah?"

This didn't sound like the sort of conversation I would be looked upon favourable for eavesdropping into. I sped up and pushed my way through some double doors. They followed.

"But, like, this one time... he hit 'er on the 'ead too hard, an' he murdered 'er, yeah?"

I almost fell over in shock.

Before I made my decision between continuing with my task and running away screaming (possibly hurling myself out of a window, seeing as how it seemed to be the closest way out), the guy exonerated himself with the simple sentence:

"It's a British film, yeah?"

At which point I started breathing again. I'd forgotten what a pleasant sensation that could be.

Still, I've now come from work deciding that the British film industry has a lot to answer for all of a sudden.


ladypandorah said...

I do believe that film is called 'Donkey Punch' named after the taboo/urban myth of a sexual practice.

Trailer looked shite when it came out a few months ago.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

"Donkey Punch" actually sounds familiar. But then again, it's entirely conceivable I chanced upon the phrase while browsing Wikipedia. I tend to find stuff like that.

I probably won't be seeking out the trailer.