Sunday, 13 September 2009

Multiple heads are better than one...

I've long been of the opinion that it's absolutely impossible to attend a party for anyone under the age of 40 and not have at least one person who feels that it's their raison d'être to lower the tone sufficiently. Yesterday's excursion happened to be a 21st birthday party, and the group I was with happened to be a collection of people I haven't seen for quite some time - one of whom I didn't even know was going to be there, and I haven't seen for about two years. Very bizarre.

I've recently changed my 'phone number and so wrote it on a napkin and passed it around the circle along with some crisps. All my friends wrote it into their 'phones and so we went on our merry way. I subsequently received the following messages:

Right u are, you little bollox!
I fancy your boobs.
Yess. [a friend] wants your minge.

My friends are crazy.

However, none of those are the quote I wanted to share with you. You see, one of our number recently got engaged. We probably weren't supposed to know this. He's been engaged before and that didn't turn out well. (The first person to say "takes one to know one" gets impaled on a spike, and I'm not a vindictive man.) But his girlfriend's LiveJournal rhapsodised about such. (If I were a vindictive man, I'd have said something like, "here we go again!", but I'm not.) I brought this up with the people there - the man in question wasn't at the party, he lives in Blackpool or somesuch - and they were all possessed of the same knowledge.

Friend-I-haven't-seen-for-two-years had an extra piece of information. He'd been lurking on MSN, as is his wont, and had noticed the aformentioned girlfriend's quick message shared ("that little thing you put after your username", as it is known in wider circles):

"13-hour drive and my body is fucked."

Whoah there. I know you just got engaged, but there's a line you cross before that's just far too much information.

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