Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Head off

The course I'm taking doesn't have a lot to do with having your head hit quite hard, so I was a little confused when one of our lecturers this morning had a spiel about having your head hit for quite a while. In fact, she appeared to act more like Michael McIntyre than anything else - bounding energetically around the room, presenting the results of hitting one's head with the air of Father Christmas announcing it's a free-for-all with the contents of his sack.

"Of course, what people lose most is their inhibitions," she said, "so beware, ladies..."

There are men on this course too, you know. We'd get shocked with people losing their inhibitions too.

"...they can become really quite sexual. That's nothing to be afraid of, but remember, they've had a bump on their head; it's not who they are, you know?"

Right. So people aren't sexual. They just become so when they get a bang on the head. I wonder if I fell out of my cot at the age of 2 or something.

Mind you, if I did get a bang on my head and suddenly become, as this lecturer claims, sexual, then that explains the faux pas I made this afternoon, when I happened to be discussing a presentation I'm meant to be putting together with a hastily assembled group (me and three girls, one of whom I'm not convinced exists). We're covering a large range of topics in the presentation, so I volunteered myself - as a very spiritually inclined person - to tackle the subject of spirituality.

"Anything else?" asked one of my teammates.

"Oh, and sex. I want to do sex!" I said.

Yes, I really did say that.

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