Thursday, 17 September 2009

First Contact

One of our number was missing from the quiz again on Tuesday.

Actually, that's a lie, of sorts. Quite a few of them weren't there. Robinson, again, was absent, as was Hairy Friend and his older sister, the one who laughs too much wasn't laughing her way there, and the other assorted rogues from the gallery were conspicuous by their lack of presence. A few of the stalwarts made their way to the pub, as well as myself and TD, but in many ways it was a very odd night. TD and myself spearheaded the efforts to win the quiz and I was so distracted I didn't remember the existence of a young raver until it was mentioned he was very ill.

"Might it be swine flu?" I asked the girls who know him best.
"I think it's mumps," said one of the girls. "He's got swellings all around his neck and face. He thinks it's swine flu, but there's too much swelling for that."
"Could be swollen glands," I pointed out. My mother gets swollen glands sometimes. Mind you, it doesn't cause that much swelling. "But mumps sounds more plausible. Why does he think it isn't?"
The girl shrugged. "Eh," she continued, "he probably wants it to be swine flu. You recover from that without treatment."
"He could have got... whatever he's got... from that girl," interrupted another girl, who exchanged knowing glances with Girl #1.
"Oh, he's had another girl?" I said, slyly. Girls #1 and #2 nodded sagely.
"I mean, she had something or another, and they've had contact," said Girl #2.
"Contact, eh?" I replied.
"Downstairs contact?" winked TD.

As it transpires, he did, in fact, engage in contact with this unknown quantity of a girl more than once. In fact, for this young raver, more than once is something of a record.

I'll get in touch with him soon to find out how he is. After all, he's a mate.

Notice how I said "get in touch". I didn't say "get in contact". What kind of man do you think I am?!


ladypandorah said...

We've not been able to attend our pub quiz tonight due to 'contact time'.


Innocent Loverboy said...

I may have to use that! ;)