Friday, 4 September 2009


It was TD's leaving party yesterday evening - of course, when I say "leaving", I actually mean "leaving the job she was doing in order to continue on to do an MA, rather than continuing to work in a shop", and when I say "party" I actually mean "drinks in a pub with food". But, whatever it was, it was fun. Now, usually at these occasions, with the gathering of people and the abundance of alcohol, you'd think the occasional sex reference might not be difficult to find. For some reason, I didn't notice that many - maybe my observational skills aren't as sharp as I thought.

I did notice a couple of amusing things, however; noticeably, one of the ladies there having just had a throat operation and being unable to speak, stating (on paper) that "mute girls do it better", and another of our number admitting that, somehow by accident, she had managed to gain three boyfriends simultaneously.

However, the thing that amused me most of all over the course of the evening was one of the customer-related stories that crop up over the course of work in a music shop (allegedly - I've never worked in one, but I've heard them!). There are always stories - the guy who just wants the best opera available, the tourist who wants to know if Bach wrote anything in English, the major in South Africa who calls up to speak to the lovely girl in admin before she leaves the shop - but this was a new one on me.
There was a man, one of TD's colleagues informs me, that confided in her that he wanted some music to help him get laid on his third date. Hmmm. I thought the three-date theory might be enough, but allegedly not. I guess music helps, if it's the right sort of music (i.e. anything except Sum41).
"Do you have anything... sensual?" is the quote. How wonderfully vague. Why, yes. Yes, I do. I got it free from Durex, in fact. What's that? No, no, you didn't say anything about music, sir.

I think there's a reason I'm not in the same job.

Right, okay, really am going to Brighton now. Toodle-pip!

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