Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Coffee, Cake and Tweeting Dildos

Despite having a (well-deserved) reputation as an addictive, soul-destroying and pointless communications network, Twitter is actually a lot of fun. Egomaniacs like yours truly can tell the world what they're really feeling, as long as it's under the character limit and suitably pithy. And, of course, a lot of sex bloggers use Twitter so there's a veritable smorgasbord of filth if you know where to look.

Coffee, Cake & Kink's Twitter feed is a good example, because recently Gothicat has - somehow - started making posts on it, and it's suddenly jumped into sexually charged life, with posts about the future of the marvellous CCK and almost daily articles about kink. Kink's still not exactly my thing, but I can sure appreciate the attraction.

A tweet from CCK caught my eye today (I've had a bad day, so naturally I logged on to Twitter because the world needs to know): "Last night, a dildo saved my life." The accompanying article is actually pretty interesting, but I think the major attraction to the article is the quote itself. I mean, I read the forum every now and again, but I don't think I would've read the article, had it not been publicised on Twitter thus.

Moral learned today: passing references to sexual activity, perhaps in an unexpected way, make people read your articles.

Hang on while I just go and put that on Twitter...

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