Saturday, 5 September 2009


"Brighton has long had a reputation for the enjoyment of sexual pleasure," boldly stated the museum information card in... Brighton. And that's our quote for today.

Incidentally (or perhaps not), we certainly experienced the enjoyment of sexual pleasure. It's fantastic anyway, but when we're on holiday with our own little hotel room, there's a certain touch of the mystique to what we may very well be doing behind closed doors (to be honest, as well, what we were doing behind closed doors), which makes the sex slightly more risqué when you consider who might be in the room next door to you (nota bene: the door of the room next to ours said "family suite", good lord!).

The holiday, when we were out of bed, also involved walks, the pier, the beach, the train, chips, afternoon tea, parks, policemen, DVDs, breakfast, pavilions of kings, shoe shops, graphic novels, sleep, deckchairs, arcades, 10p pieces, Reading, my camera, kitty, monsters, sandwiches both toasted and raw, children, and Japanese decoration... and it all lasted less than two days. Still, that's the only holiday I've genuinely had this summer, so I'm officially stoked that we got to do it.

Oh, the last thing on that list gives us another quote to round off nicely with, as well, although this isn't really a sexual one - more of an implied sexual one. See, we were in a room called Mikado, which I requested purely because I love Japanese shit, and we had the appropriate décor down to a tee - even the curtains looked vaguely East Asian. Upon exiting the room for the first time, I happened to notice the 'do not disturb' sign hanging off our doorknob (which we didn't end up using, in actual fact):

Land of the Rising Sun. Do Not Disturb.

Awesome. But it wasn't the only thing that was rising, either.

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ladypandorah said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday - things done, seen outdoors and in.

Always wanted to go to a hotel with themed rooms. Jealous I am.

Brighton is fab. I'm glad you both had a great time!

LadyP xx