Thursday, 24 September 2009

BBC Radio 4's Chain Reaction: Eddie Izzard interviews Alastair Campbell

EI: Tell us of the stories you wrote for Forum magazine, because I never read - I could reach it, just about, on the top shelf, because I was quite a small person...

AC: Well, it's quite a small magazine.

EI: Yeah.

AC: Well, I had a bet, with a fellow student who was also studying languages, and he drew the short straw... he was up in the North, I was down in Neasden. We had a bet on who could get into print first. And he wrote these really interesting artcles about cycling, and culture... and I wrote soft porn.

[pause; audience laughter]

AC: And I put them in a brown envelope, and I whacked them off to...

EI: Hang on!

[prolonged, uproarious laughter]

AC: No, it's all right! I whacked them off to Men Only, Penthouse and... Razzle? Is there a Razzle? Something like that.

EI: Isn't that Puzzler?

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