Monday, 21 September 2009

Al frisky

"Don't look now," I whispered, "but I think that couple are having sex."
"To our left," I replied, still in an undertone. "On the other side of the river."
She glanced to our left. It's true that the other side of the river looked a lot more pleasant than our side. But then again, we were taking a romantic walk along a dirt path. The couple on the other side of the river were on a flat stretch of green grass and seemed to be taking romance to a further conclusion.

I wonder exactly what possessed them to do that. I mean, I don't have any problems with engaging in flagrante delicto outside. It's an extremely exciting concept. The law may frown on it, but a) the law sucks, and b) that makes it all the more taboo, which can make it even more exciting. And then there's the fact that somebody may notice, which is - of course - perhaps the ultimate attraction. You're not meant to do it in public, and therefore if you do you're misbehaving, and if somebody actually sees you... well, the mind begins to melt at that point. For an innocent boy like myself, the risqué aspect is almost too much!

Still, this couple. Maybe they thought they were more concealed than they actually were. The angle I saw them from wasn't even a very acute or obtuse one. There was a bush on their left, and a bush on their right, but nothing concealing them from the discerning onlooker. Okay, maybe they weren't having sex. But then again, she was sitting on his lap, his chest against hers. From the looks of things, she wasn't wearing anything on her legs, besides a small skirt, and that was hitched up around her hips.

I really wish I'd taken a closer look, but at the first glance, the boy had looked around and locked eyes with me. Even if the glance hadn't said "d'you mind?", I probably would have looked away anyway, to be decent. Nevertheless, I'd seen all I needed to see. If he had his flies open, they could have been having sex and there was very little to suggest otherwise.
"I think they're having sex too," came a whisper back to me. "They're moving. They're... jiggling."
I took a very quick glance back. Very quick. So they couldn't see me looking. Yup, no mistaking that movement.

After all, it was a sunny afternoon. Why waste a nice day?

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