Saturday, 8 August 2009


So, for those of you not in the know, I am currently in training for a job. Because of the nature of the work, the training takes place during term-times and I finished my placement this time last week, meaning that technically I'm on summer holidays at the moment. I've never stopped working in academic years anyway, insofar as I happened to be a teaching assistant for the first two years after university. But with summer holidays come the doube advantage and disadvantage of wanting to go away, and in some cases being able to. My annual camp I was unable to attend, due to the training being a fucking bitch and overrunning.

My lovely girlfriend, however, should be well on her way towards Edinburgh right now, to sample the delights of the Fringe festival; this, naturally, makes me both jealous and lonely, but it doesn't mean that I'll be alone forever. Still, I have to wait a week, and that seems pretty damn long to me.

We had our Obligatory Last Night™, er, last night. A lovely meal in PizzaExpress (that's where we had our first date, incidentally, so it's almost like a ritual - returning to the place of origin, like a homing rat. In a nice way, that is. A nice homing rat.) followed by a return home and watching Secretary.
"That's a very sexy film," I said, when she suggested buying it in HMV. I'd never seen it, but all anyone ever says about Secretary is "that's a very sexy film", so I thought I'd carry on the trend. The claim isn't wrong, actually. It's very sexy. It's also creepy and a little disturbing. But creepy and disturbing in the way that gets you sexually aroused, rather than in the Pan's Labyrinth-style way. Not that that wasn't good either. Anyway, yes, watch Secretary. During one (of the few) scene(s) in the bath I noticed how much Maggie Gyllenhall looks like TD. I remarked upon this and it seems the compliment was well-received. Always nice to know.

It occurred to me afterwards that Secretary's a film that you wouldn't really want to watch with anyone other than a lover, or possibly on your own. I can't imagine two friends sitting enjoying the spanking scenes, can you? "I say, Carruthers, this film is rather artful, wouldn't you say?" "Yes, Phillip, it is a ripping good wheeze, eh, what?" The image doesn't leap to mind, really.

Time grew short. Three whole chapters of the story we're (I'm) reading, just so we could finish it off before she went away - which we did. Anyone suggest us a new story? And then the bedtime came, and I settled back. Spooning her from behind, like always, but this time I managed to be angled into a rather odd position, so my face was very close to her back, rather than in her hair or over her neck like usual.
I could see her back rising and falling gently as she breathed, feel her skin under the one hand I had wrapped around her waist, and detect the warmth of my own breath falling onto her back as I lay there. And her (summer) perfume didn't hurt either.

And I relaxed and enjoyed the warmth and the intimacy of this, a night I will remember, because frankly, over the next seven days, I'll jolly well have to, I say, what?

Sorry, old bean, don't know what came over me just then.


Anna said...

My S.O. told me again and again that Secretary is a sexy film, so when I had the opportunity to watch it alone, I took it. I have to say, I wasn't keen. I saw it more as the sexual exploitation of an employee with psychological issues, rather than the gentle sub / Dom erotica it was clearly intended to be.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I sort of see where you're coming from there, but can it be true exploitation when the employee in question clearly enjoys it?

Also, who says she has psychological issues? She's just a shy girl who's had a difficult time at college.