Monday, 31 August 2009

Go boil your head!

"You're a very naughty boy."
"I am?"
"You are."
"And why am I a naughty boy?"
"For making me come... lots."
"Oh... well, I have to admit that I did."
"You did."
"You're a naughty girl for letting me."
"Oh really?"
"Yes... do you want a spank?"

[thirty minutes earlier]

TD likes to have the bedclothes over her top half if I'm, ahem, concentrating on her bottom half. This doesn't mean that the bedclothes are all over her top half, with a bare bottom half, like some sort of reverse Russian doll; sometimes there are just covers over both of us. Since I'm quite a tall person, there's (possibly) a rather odd-looking result of my legs almost entirely out of the end of the bed and her head at the top of it. What's happening in the middle of it is where the action is.

So there I was, merrily going about the task and hand (or mouth), and being summer, and being hot, it heated up in there. I mean, it's generally quite hot. I don't mind being hot. But since I was being quite persistent, and enthusiastic (as is my wont), I could feel the heat rising around me. Despite what people may think, I'm not really a science person, but at least I know that hot air rises, and finding nowhere else to go, it collects and then sinks back down, heating up whatever's in its path. That's why Venus is so hot, she's got a very thick atmosphere. But I kept going, and all the while I was creating my own greenhouse effect, there with a heavy duvet above, a girl in front and my legs behind.

The heat was raw and intense. I felt a pounding in my head and beads of sweat forming... yet, all the time, I kept going, working towards the orgasm which I could feel coming. Yet, with her getting hot, I was getting hot too, and that added to the heat. My back flared up and started itching. Still, I barely noticed anything except where my tongue was going.

In the end, I could barely take it any more, but I knew I was there, and I'd done my task. Her orgasm came, and I kept licking until it had subsided... and then the duvet came off, and wonderful, cool, crisp air stung my overheated body. Oh, and then we had sex, and that was good.

I was on fire. But I didn't stop until she was, too.


swallow said...

ah! well, the rewards that come from giving oral sex are far greater than any slight drawbacks you can encounter on your way... and believe me, i've had a few. slight warmth is hardly much of a hindrance!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

That was joyfully light. A real quick silver understated style you have loverboy.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Why, thank you, JAP. Your love song is pretty fly, I must say.