Saturday, 15 August 2009

Beast of the Night

Either I stop watching Doctor Who, stop wondering what Bête de Jour looks like, and/or stop thinking I may have seen Abby Lee in the crowds of London, or I have these dreams.

I think I'll go for the dreams...

I'm standing in a long queue to buy Bête de Jour's book. TD is there too. La
Bête is standing to one side wearing a paper bag with eyeholes over his head. I persuade TD to go up and talk to him. As we approach the figure, a colourful character approaches us.
"Excuse me, are you
Bête de Jour?" I ask.
"Yes," says the colourful character, turning around, "I am." I notice he's an ugly man with... well... horns on his head, but has very nice eyes. He has an outsize chin.
"Ah... you probably don't know who we are," I say, "but I'm Innocent Loverboy."
"Innocent Loverboy?" queries
La Bête.
"Yes, I'm him," I reply as he shakes my hand eagerly, then turning to TD and shaking her hand too after admitting he doesn't know her blogging name. She informs him that she is The Drinker.
At which point we return to the TARDIS and discuss the events that have just transpired.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

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