Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ante meridian

I'm feeling particularly frisky this morning, and I was when I woke up, which is odd. The phenomenon of 'morning wood' is no lie, but a couple of things are slightly wrong about the perception of waking up erect. First, it doesn't mean every boy ever wakes up horny; second, not every boy ever gets morning wood. I know, shocking. Then there's also the time you wake up being different from the time you are actually awake. You may have morning wood when your sleep ceases to be and you are thrust unwillingly into the land of wakefulness, but after an hour or so and you realise you're awake, you may not be hard at all. Despite what I've seen on Compromising Situations and, as you may remember, have done on certain mornings last June, you can't just wake up every morning wanting to have sex. Or, you might, but you'd have to at least sit up and blink a few times beforehand.

This morning wasn't like that. I woke up and I just wanted it. I could have taken the covers off my bed and have a young lady appear from nowhere and sink down onto my cock. That's what I wanted. I lay there for a while, blissful, imagining the feeling of sex, and then got a text from TD asking if I was still wanting to go to Oxford today. Well, yes, love. Yes, I do indeed.

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