Monday, 20 July 2009


My work is annoying. It's making me tired and stressed, and it shows. I am losing hair, sleep and even skin, and that doesn't do much for a boy's ego, I can tell you. I'm a boy with an ego, so I should know.

I sometimes feel like I'm losing my urge to fuck. I'm not, really. I had magical sex yesterday morning (and then we went off to see Harry Potter, so evidently the effect was longer-lasting), but when I'm not with my lovely girl, I don't seem to be as aroused as I used to be.

Although I am. Just more frustrated about it, because I neither have sex nor masturbate as much as I used to before starting this job. I jujust have neither the time nor the energy. The stolen one-day weekends together are a blessing, as are the occasional day off I get for myself, but all the other days - the working days - they eat away at my social life. Very little time with friends, very little time with lady. Little time for sex and practically no time for indulging myself.

When I do have sex, it's amazing. Frantic, desperate, needy and loving. But then again, that's what sex is. It's all those things and more. But I want more of it, and I only want it with one person (the person I am having it with, thank you very much, conspiracy-desperate readers!), and this job is stopping that happening.

I crave human contact. But I lack time, and I lack energy. I'm burning out, and I want to burn with passion, not futility.

I get a break over the summer for four weeks and then I'm back into training afterwards. That had better come quickly. I need my mojo back. Now.


Anna said...

Stress is a libido-killer. I'm sorry to hear that you're stressed out honey, I hope things get easier at work soon. x x

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of full-time jobs :( if it makes you feel better, you're not alone!

The break will do you good, promise x