Monday, 13 July 2009

A Lack of Restraint

So... it's been difficult, being apart. I mean, it's always difficult being apart, especially when you are very much head-over-not-just-heels in love. I know others have experienced the same, and they have felt the same way. Sneaky references show solidarity, and for that, I am very grateful. (And also feel a little bigheaded because I clearly deserve a mention, srsly.) But we were apart for a long time - a quick dinner, while involving food, doesn't really do the word 'goodbye' justice, and when the planned absence of good company is two whole weeks, it's more than a little depressing.

She returned from her little excursion yesterday, and although I was at work (and had to be so this morning - as did she), there was something to be said for her being a little less far away; at least there was a promise of reading a little story to her over the telephonic device later on in the day, and that I enjoy. But we were still not together. Not physically. Last year I returned from a week-long trip and she was with me within two hours of my return. But with time the bonds grow stronger, and a little less than a week is still a long, long time. Too long... much, much too long.

So she took the initiative. No ties, and no restraints. No regard for the unyielding fetters of the commuter-based machinations of paid work. While I was leaving my workplace, she was leaving her hometown. A frantic train ride, a couple of confused 'phone calls (Her line: "I'll meet you at Liverpool Street..." / My line: "WHAT?!" รก la Doctor Who) and a lot of snuggling on public transport later, we had made it. No need to talk to my parents. No need to do anything sociable. Just some time, one stolen night, between two working days. Just a little time for us. Only for us.

We ended up lying on my bed, the sheets in a tangle, as the post-orgasmic haze descended upon us. For those moments, there was only breathing and mutual appreciation of each other's naked presence. It is a familiar feeling for those acquainted with it... but, dear Glod, I have missed it.

And her. I have missed her, too.

But she's back. And all is right.

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ladypandorah said...

Meetings off-the-cuff are always a good thing to have. You both know you Need to See Eachother and so you get to it. Frantic, tangled sheets and that haze, oh yes, that's everything you ever need right there.

And it's good to sneak. kthnxbai x