Monday, 27 July 2009

A bit of verbal

As amusing as this is, I'm not entirely sure I agree. Well, I agree, but not entirely. Well, that is to say, I agree, entirely, but I... er...

...look, just shut up, all right? I'm trying to think of a clever way to say that I like talking during sex! Okay? It'd be really boring if I just started by stating it as a fact and moved on to the discussion! Geez!

*breathes in*

Sorry about that, I'm really stressed this evening.

Okay, so, talking during sex. There's talking dirty, and then there's talking. There is, of course, idle chatter, but while you're engaged in the act of coitus, discussing what you're going to be doing on Friday night is probably a sign that there's something a little wrong, unless future planning is your kink, in which case I salute you for admitting it and kindly request that you stay the fuck away from me.

And then there's this, from a picture I saw once but don't ever think I'll find again:

Brock: "This is the greatest night of my life!"
Misty: (reading a book) "Yes yes, magical... roll off when you're done, honey..."

But that's all kinds of wrong.

Anyway, I do like talking during sex. I'm not much of a one for talking dirty (although I'll do it if requested, it tends to heat things up), but I've never thought an odd "I love you" would ever go amiss. The classics, such as "you're so big!", also seem to work, which is odd, because they seem a bit cliché - mind you, they're probably cliché for a reason. And then there's the romantic stuff:

"Oh, _____, I love this so much... I could make love to you for hours on end and then lie next to you while our hearts beat a rhythm against each other while we touch each other to orgasm after beautiful orgasm..."

Except by the time you've finished saying all that, you've probably already finished.

So I'll throw open the floor with a question! What's your favourite thing to say (or to have said) during sex? Dirty stuff, romantic stuff, lustful stuff, or do you prefer a silent floor show? Answers on a postcard, please (or failing that, in the comments box, if you will!). If you're good, I may even tell you mine...


Anonymous said...

Speech-free sex definitely has its place, and can be really sexy; breathing, gasping, moaning..ugh.

But I personally love to whisper things. Dirty things. Meant to encourage and excite and rev both of us up that little bit more.

If I can get him to moan from what I said, that's an extra bonus :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Hee, "speech-free sex" makes me think of "free-speech sex". Not that such a thing exists, but I'm now envisioning a movement to encourage sex coupled with freedom of expression!

And yes, I forgot to mention making people moan and possibly whisper things back. It's all about call-and-response!

ladypandorah said...

I tend to prefer the breathless whispers into his ear as we are 'at it' :)

Usually short little speeches. We're not that adventurous in our sexy-talk together, in fact we hardly talk dirty to one another. We feed off the noises we make; I know that he really digs my haltering, faltering gasping breaths he makes me emit as he's paying me attention and similarly, it spurs me on to hear him catch his breath if my lips are wrapped around him.

I find the simple things have the most effect. 'I want you' for instance will do wonders.

'I want you Right Now', even better.

LadyP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

I tend to say "I want you" during sex. For some reason.