Wednesday, 29 July 2009


We interrupt this sex blog for a special announcement.


Hello, Seamstress / Drinker! I love you!
Hello, Lady P, and Blacksilk, and Lace Stockings!
Hello, sex bloggers everywhere! Keep at it!
Hello, Mini!
Hello, 47!
Hello, Syren!
Hello, any readers I don't know - but feel free to stop by!

And you. Hello to you too. Yes, you there. New girl. I know you're reading; at least, I'd hope you are. You know who you are. I know who you are, too. But then again, you know who I am, so that makes us even.

The thing is, I trust you. Implicitly. You shared your secret with me, so I'm sharing mine with you. You can read this blog, and find out more about me than some of my closest friends. But I'm OK with you doing that. Really, I am. So please, go ahead.

I'm OK with you, if you're OK with me. Because we really are a lot more similar than I originally thought. And in a world like this, sometimes it's good to share. In some cases, new girl, you just gotta have faith.


Anna said...

Ooooh exciting! Hello NG!

Nurse Sandra May said...

Ha! Hello! ;-)

Innocent Loverboy said...

You know, I wrote this very late last night, and I forgot to mention Anna. So hello too, Anna.

And hello there, nurse. Now could you solve this itchy scalp I've been getting since my haircut this morning?...

misspiggy said...

hello ILG!
I am indeed a new girl; I came over from Stan's place. I like your blog very much - thank you for cheering me up with your loveliness and loved-up-ness.

Nurse Sandra May said...

ILB: Its scalp cancer. Has to be.

Or, its just itchy scalp that always happens when you get your hair cut.

TiffanyLillian said...

Hello ILB... :( Did you forget about me!

Innocent Loverboy said...

MP: Hello! And thanks!

TL: Hello! Did you forget about me? That's the question!

NSM: Scalp cancer... well, that's a relief. As long as it's not swine flu, bird flu, SARS or any of the other diseases that were going to wipe us all out.

Somewhere in between here said...

Hello! haha I really do enjoy your blog good writes! :)

TiffanyLillian said...

No, didn't forget bout you ;) Check my newest blog out, it's to ya!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Hello, old fellow! How the devil are you?

How wonderful to see someone being so friendly and salutatory in his approach to blogging.

I certainly intend to keep at it as you suggest, no worries there ;)

All the best, cheerful chappy!

LadyP x