Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I know wet dreams exist, but I'm still finding it hard to believe the body can achieve a full orgasm while asleep... or, at least, I was until a couple of days ago, whereupon I managed to induce an orgasm in the sleeping form of a naked lady without actually meaning to.

Er, that is to say, I meant to make her orgasm, but that wasn't the aim in my mind when I started. I also didn't realise she was asleep, so the small "mmmmm..." I heard as a response from her was apparently an unconscious reaction to the fact that I was stroking her side (which I was doing because it's the sort of thing I do). She then shifted onto her side, which I took as a sign to take things a little further. So I did, still unaware of the fact that she was asleep. But she made no effort or sign to resist my amorous efforts, delivered through creative use of my hands, so I assumed they were being appreciated.

Not that they weren't being appreciated, either. But she was sort of... asleep.

Anyway, I kept going. Only with my fingers, that is... I hadn't any intention or signal to suggest that I was to do anything with my mouth or... you know, anything else. In fact, I hadn't had any signals at all, except for a gathering wet feeling around the front hole (although I started by "treating" the, uh, 'other' one, so mayhaps that helped a little) and the general repetitive noises that mean things like "I am enjoying what you are doing to me sexually, so please continue". I took these as good things.

The conclusion of this malarkey, anyway, was a slight jump of the body and recognisable symptoms of orgasm, followed by her lying, apparently totally motionless, on her back. Slightly worried by the lack of words (or movement), I did ABC to check she was still, you know... alive. She was. Good. She was also asleep. Had I made her come so intensely that she'd fallen asleep? I saw that on Sex Court once. Or... or had she been asleep all the time, and just reacting to my hand movements, instinctively?

I finally fell asleep myself, turning these possibilities over in my head. As it turned out, she had been asleep all the way through. So... in a nutshell, I induced an orgasm which neither of us actually felt, as I was giving it and she wasn't conscious...

...there's only one word for that:


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Nancy Crater said...

Oh yes, it is plenty possible to get it done, except without the help of another's talented fingers. And it is wonderful. Ah, the human mind is a lovely thing indeed...

Maybe the male dream is a cock tease, but from talking to other women and in my own experience, full-on, body-draining orgasms while sleeping are pretty common.