Friday, 26 June 2009

Hey, That's My Mom!

I was walking through the market today looking for books to buy. I like buying books. I ended up, somehow, with two Usborne Puzzle Adventures and a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to replace the old one which I've lost. Yeah, hardly anything new and exciting, but I have a big pile of books to read - I have just started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and my God, it's a riot.

This book stall in the centre of my town's market also sells VHSs, CDs, DVDs and the odd game or two - evidently they haven't worked out that we have charity shops and a GameStation, but if they can hawk some extra stuff, well, more power to them - and I was having a casual flick through some of the DVDs when I chanced upon something a little, well, strange.

The DVD cover was pink, the title was Dude, That's My Mom! (so I assume American) and there were fully naked ladies on the front and back. The manufacturer's stamp read "PENTHOUSE". There were also 30-something mothers with pushchairs in the close vicinity. I quickly replaced the DVD, feeling rather sullied by the whole experience. Odd, isn't it, that I've spent years ordering soft porn DVDs from Amazon, and yet when faced with some porn for 50p in real life, I can hardly pick it up, let alone buy it?

Not that I wanted to buy it, not with that title...

What intrigues me more, however, is how this DVD landed on a stall otherwise full of Felicity Kendal exercise videos and Pokémon. I mean, even if I were running the stall, you cannot just take a porn DVD from someone and in all innocence place it in public view on the hope that some 14-year-old with a bit of cash will buy it. At least create whatever your equivalent of a top shelf is.

Not that I'm anti-porn. I'm pro-porn in many ways. I'm just befuddled by this one incident... and more than a little amused!

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