Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Alt + F4, bitch!

Dream last night involved my old secondary school. I think I may have had it before.

I mean, I'm pretty certain that I've dreamed the bit about being late for school before, and managing to get into the English Block through a long, dusty wooden staircase (behind a secret door) covered in cobwebs and muck - which leads into the English Block classrooms through a surprisingly light Luigi's Mansion-esque attic which, I presume, has another staircase leading down from it.

I'm less certain, however, that insofar as this dream is concerned, the attic itself was actually full of manga girls clearly about to indulge in a yuri sex scene. I'm also less certain that the previous time I dreamed of the attic, it actually turned out to be some hentai movie I was watching on my computer screen. I'm pretty sure that the bit in which I was actually watching two hentai movies in different windows wasn't in the last instance, either.

And then there's the bit wherein my mother came in and found me watching one, but assumed it was a children's show from the 80s because the girls weren't fully unclothed yet. Yeah, that bit I don't recall having been present before, either. Of course, just when the situation could have gotten sticky (in that I didn't manage to close the windows in time 'cause I got rather flustered), I was woken up... by my mother standing in my room shouting at me to wake up.

So, you know, that was OK, 'cause it was all a dream. My mother didn't see me watching Japanese cartoon porn set in an... attic which... was part of... er, my... old... school......


And this mother didn't have buttons for eyes, either. Thank you for small mercies, God.


Anonymous said...

Your dreams are too influenced by the interweb and film.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Yes, and...?