Saturday, 30 May 2009

Journey South

We all know I love giving oral. If you don't know this yet, then welcome new reader! I suggest you start with the FAQ and work onwards.

Last night was fun. Upon awakening from a light doze (work has been exhausting me recently, it's not a light job) and finding that it was still relatively light in the room, and my girlfriend was still awake, and naked from the waist down, and my jerk back to reality seemed to be an indication that there were sexual rumblings afoot. Hell, I don't mind that, do I?

So I worked my way down - a gentle kiss of a nipple here, a cheeky lick down a belly button there - but my real target was that area just below the lady garden, one of my favourite places to be when I'm in possession of some excess energy to get rid of. That's right, it's all about me, I'm really selfish and not a generous lover at all, no way.

Uh, so, anyway.

My aim - if you can call it an aim - was to take a lot more time over this than usual, and slowly bring things upwards, rather than my usual technique, which tends to be quite... 'forceful', one may term it. I'm not a violent man, but I am quite keen... er, anyway, the agreed protocol for this instance was that it should be slow, steady, gentle, and intense. So that was the way I played it:

I started by breathing softly onto her lips, and then placed the whole of my tongue on them, pulling them upwards and then withdrawing. Licking up and down the left-hand side of one lip, and the right-hand side of another, not actually having been inside the centre yet, but building up an expectation of what was to come, and then gratifying it, by licking up and down right in between the two pussy lips, tasting the opening of a hole between them. Familiar, pleasant sensations. I licked her up to her clit, and placed my tongue there.

I circled it, one way and then another, with the tip of my tongue, and then traced small circles moving it downwards, and the same back up again, still steadying my pace, then 'vibrating' my tongue back and forth rapidly, moved down to the bottom and back up to the clitoris, considering my next move while I licked absent-mindedly at it and felt her legs slightly tremble. Feeling the hot, wet feeling just below my chin, I kissed the inside of each thigh and then moved my face back, sliding a finger from my right hand into her as my left hand gripped her side.
Her hips bucked upwards. Two fingers... three. The little finger left to caress her perineum, and after a few seconds feeling her shape mould around my fingers, I went back in.

This time, it was a lot faster. I could feel her heartbeat from where I was, and I knew exactly what to do. I went back to the clit, this time licking upwards and flicking my tongue against it, quickly, repetitively... over and over and over and over again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again.

And eventually, I heard - just before I felt - the distant goal, the orgasm, becoming not quite so distant. I withdrew all my fingers and kept licking, relentlessly, as all inhibitions were forgotten in that marvellous half-minute or so when her orgasm takes hold of her legs and wraps them firmly around my head.
This orgasm seemed to have responded to its stimulus. It, too, was long and intense. The sounds that I heard immediately afterwards (usually, as I'm sure you'll know, the dying-away moans) were a sequence of low "mmm..." sounds made through the nose with a closed mouth, eyes shut and with the ghost of a smile flickering across her face.

I went upstairs to wipe my own face with some water. I was aiming, this time, to kiss her after she regained her senses, and I was pretty sure that, after what I'd just done, a cleaned mouth would be a very good start.

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