Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Favour of the Week

I am rarely given to advertising on this blog - and unlike some other people I've never been propositioned to review a sex toy (maybe, rightly so, nobody's believed me to be that sort of boy) - but I think I'd better mention this - it's National Condom Week.

Okay, so I don't use condoms - useful things, but they dull the sensation and the pill is a wonderful invention (as is the injection, but that's for another entry), but I won't deny that they need much more exposure than they actually get. How many condom ads have you seen in the last week - compared to ads for McDonald's, for example? Yeah, thought so.

Anyway, on behalf of Durex, I thought I may as well pimp the survey they've launched - the aim of which is to be 'the biggest ever insight into the sexual habits and practices of the nation' (although their definition of 'the nation' seems to be a little loose, but if you're in the British Isles I'd imagine you qualify). If I were you, I'd take the survey. You know, because you could win some free stuff and all.


Also, interestingly, it happens to be National Vegetarian Week this week. This is good news, because unless you've realised, vegetarians are sexy as hell. I think we're healthier too, for some reason.


The Drinker said...

I can't believe you actually said that they dull the sensation! That's the pathetic teenage boy excuse that gets many girls pregnant! Saying you don't like condoms is not an excuse.

There are only two reasons for not using condoms as contraceptives(unless you count wanting to make a baby). We don't use them because a) I'm on the pill AND b) we're both clean. This is very important; it's only the combination of the two that means it is ok.

Honest, lovey, talk like that is part of the reason that AIDS is so bad. That and the Catholics, but we won't go into that now...


Innocent Loverboy said...

They do dull the sensation. I didn't say I wouldn't use them because of that, though. You and I both know I bought a lot of condoms - and we used a lot of them up - before you went on the pill. I may be silly sometimes, but I'm not stupid. :p

Anonymous said...

Condoms are horrible but unfortunately necessary. They do dull things (for both parties), they smell, they ruin the flow, they can cause or exacerbate erection problems and, most importantly, they're not skin.

But, as I say, entirely necessary unless you're both otherwise protected from diseases (including babies :P) and trust each other to remain so.